4 Easy Tips to Have a Long Live and Healthy Lives

By | Friday, May 3, 2019 6:26

Some people want to have long life. Even though humans cannot live forever, there are ways that can be sought so that humans can live long.

Dr. Joel Dudley and Dr. Chris Mason – both of whom are founders of Onegevity, an artificial intelligence-based health care service – gives a number of tips so that humans can live long. Here are four tips so that we can live long according to the two health experts, as reported by the Medical Daily.

1. Get enough sleep

Mason said that sleep plays an important role so we can live longer. At least, according to him, getting used to sleeping six to eight hours every day can improve the quality of our health.

There are several important processes that only occur when we sleep. Mason said, sleep is the only time the body can use to eliminate unwanted things from the brain.

2. Taking on new challenges

Taking on new challenges can help us reduce or even reverse the effects of aging. Dudley said that presenting new challenges to our bodies can increase resilience and build protection against age-related health conditions.

“Maintaining your body’s ability to respond to the environment dynamically is important,” he said. New challenges like that are useful to make our age more youthful because challenges challenge our bodies to react to various changes, such as exposure to cold temperatures.

3. Stay physically active and live a healthy lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle, such as regular exercise, undergoing a good and healthy diet, and maintaining a healthy number of microbiomes in the body, can help prevent certain disease conditions. Running a healthy lifestyle can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, improve cognitive function, and increase longevity.

Dudley stressed that being active in physical activities, especially, can help extend the life span of our lives. Actively engaging in physical activity in question can be in the form of doing intensive exercise on a regular basis or just walking casually every morning.

4. Regular health checkups

Mason and Dudley explain checking the basic condition of the body, such as genetic checking, microbioma, and the work of the body’s blood, can help monitor the health condition of the body. Such checks will provide data that can help us to observe changes, which can indicate improvement in health or even health problems, in our bodies.

This will help us to determine which treatment or treatment is more effective.

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