Fuchsia, Google’s Operating System to Substitute Android

By | Tuesday, July 2, 2019 6:39

After a long time the name is not too well known, now there is the latest news about Fuchsia. Fuchsia is a Google-made operating system that can one day replace the existence of Android.

Google has reportedly launched a site for developers to develop applications inside the Fuchsia ecosystem. This is considered to have a positive influence on the growth of the operating system.

With the site for developers, Google is called to be helped in disseminating information about Fuchsia. In addition, developers can also assess how good the OS is at the same time learn the ins and outs.

For your information, for those who are still unfamiliar with Fuchsia, it doesn’t use a Linux kernel like Android, but it uses a microkernel, named Zircon. Microkernel itself is the smallest amount of software needed to run an operating system.

This makes operations within Fuchsia different than Android. However, Android developers can quickly move their apps to Fuchsia through the cross-platform – Flutter SDK, as quoted from Phone Arena.

One thing that is quite interesting, even though Fuchsia devices may only appear in the next few years, this operating system can already be run by Honor Play last year. This also makes Honor Play the first commercial Android device to conduct a trial to run Fuchsia.

It is interesting to wait for the continuation of Fuchsia later. Moreover, last year there were reports that Fuchsia would run on smartphone devices in the next five years to replace Android, or in the coming 2023.

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