Indian Army Claims Find Evidence of the Presence of Yeti

By | Thursday, May 2, 2019 13:31

The issue of the appearance of the Yeti, a giant ape-like originally from the Himalayas, reappeared. This time, the Indian military claims to have seen this furry creature.

The Indian military claimed to find Yeti’s footprints near Makalu Base Camp located on the border between Nepal and China. They even uploaded the footprint image on his official Twitter account.

“For the first time, #IndianArmy Mountaineering Expedition Team saw footprints from a 32 x 15-inch giant ‘Yeti’ near Makalu Base Camp on April 9, 2019,” said the Additional Directorate General of Public Information (ADG PI) account – Indian Army.

“Previously, this snowmen (Yeti) were only ever seen in Makalu-Barun National Park.”

In the Indian Twitter, the #Yeti hashtag entered the second trending topic. Although many people are amazed by this Indian military claim, there are also those who view it skeptically.

An extraordinary claim, like this, requires extraordinary evidence as well. In the Yeti case, there has never been scientific evidence indicating its existence. In addition, there is no evidence of the existence of monkeys living in the Himalayan Mountains.

Even so, the researchers did not stop learning this mysterious story. In 2014, researchers studied DNA from a sample of a bear that was previously thought to be a Yeti.

It turned out that the results of the study showed that the sample came from a mysterious bear whose genetics were still close to the ancestors of a polar bear.

While there is also a piece of evidence referred to as the Yeti hand, named Pangboche Hand. But in 2011, a DNA study of the hand revealed that it was a human hand.

What do you think? Does the Yeti really exist and not just the kind of story in the Adventures of Tintin?

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