Scientists Use Magnets to Enhance Their Research, How come?

By | Friday, June 7, 2019 2:42

Magnets are widely used in everyday life, it can be used as toys, installed on electronic equipment, and can also be useful for researches.

Strong magnets installed in a laboratory in Florida can see objects that are not visible to the eye, understand what is happening in nature, and penetrate the boundaries of current knowledge.

“There are many types of magnets; some are called super conducting, there are resistive electromagnets and there are also magnets that emit pulses,” said Greg Boebinger, director of the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory or MagLab.

Boebinger explained, strong magnets can be used as very flexible research tools.

With the support of the National Science Foundation, MagLab is a research center that covers a variety of scientific disciplines.

Boebinger himself leads a very unique laboratory, which provides very strong magnetic fields for researchers who come to the laboratory every year to conduct research on materials, energy and also life in general.

“Each type of crude oil in various parts of the world is a unique product, which is produced by temperature, pressure and dead organisms and finally creates the liquid we call crude oil,” said Amy McKenna, an expert from MagLab.

“We analyzed the ingredients in crude oil and found various organic materials that are usually soluble in water, and with this tool we can measure their mass very accurately,” McKenna added.

To do that, McKenna uses a magnetic resonance called Cyclotron Ion, which can function as a very accurate molecular measuring device.

Cory Dean, another magnet expert in MagLab, uses the so-called D-C Field Facility to investigate the properties of a newly discovered material called graphene, a material made of carbon molecules that is shaped like wire in a chicken coop.

“This graphene molecular arrangement is very unique, and is called the most powerful material, which is also the thinnest conductor material. Graphene also has the best ability to reduce heat,” said Cory Dean.

The material is extraordinary, and experts are still busy studying how the material is formed. Understanding is needed before engineers can use the graphene.

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