This Woman Proves Eating Living Octopus Can Be Very Harmful!

By | Friday, May 10, 2019 9:40

An octopus shows perseverance to survive. He fought a woman vlogger who wanted to eat him alive! The octopus uses his tentacles to fight the vlogger named “seaside girl Little Seven”. The tentacle stuck very tightly to the vlogger’s left cheek and caused a torn wound.

This incident occurred when the vlogger broadcast live eating live octopus. According to a Business Insider report, the vlogger is about to put the animal into his mouth, but his tentacles are firmly against his face.

The woman screamed in pain as she tried to release the octopus’s tentacles from her face. When he managed to release the octopus’s tentacles, there appeared to be a small wound on his cheek.

“My face has become ugly,” he said in the video. “I will eat the octopus in the next video,” she continued, reported by Business Insider.

Octopus tentacles do have extraordinary abilities. He can move and hold objects independently. In fact, tentacles can “feel” the water around them. Octopus tentacles have the ability to stick to an object’s surface, an ability that they can do either inside or outside the water.

Some previous research has studied the basic anatomy of the ability to attach to tentacles. Tentacles can stick thanks to the cavities in the tentacles that have flexible sides.

This Woman Proves Eating Living Octopus Can Be Very Harmful!

Better to eat them after cooked! – Image via Pexels

The shape helps each cavity to create pressure and stick. In a study published in the Journal of the Royal Society: Interface, the researchers revealed another reason why octopus tentacles could stick so strongly.

The journal mentions each side and edge of the suction section on the octopus tentacle, there is a serrated concentric groove that makes it very sticky. In addition, the researchers also found that at the top of the cavity they also had similar serrations.

The teeth help create a low pressure which makes the octopus’s tentacles stick tightly.

So, don’t mess with octopus, especially if you are desperate to eat them alive. It could be that the octopus tentacles stick to the throat and make you die of suffocation.

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