Unique Traditions for the New Students at Oxford University

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Studying on a campus that is almost existed for 1000 years is certainly a special experiences. Uniquely, the University of Oxford has a tradition that has been carried out for hundreds of years. Various unique traditions will be carried out by students since they first joined Oxford, up to the graduation procession.

However, here we will focus on the unique traditions carried out by new students at the University of Oxford.

Unique Traditions for the New Students at Oxford University

Unique Traditions for the New Students at Oxford University

Social Interaction Program

In general, people assume that universities are only educational institutions where students come to study. But at Exford University, students are emphasized to have a balanced life between academic life and social life. Here, students are members of an independent institution within a university called a “college”. In this college, students will do a lot of social interaction in social events organized by senior students.

If you are still confused about what a college is, it might be analogous to the houses at Hogwarts in the Harry Potter films. At Hogwarts there are four houses, namely Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw.

Hogwarts students will interact more with friends in the same house, but can still meet with other students in the class.

Well, in Oxford there are more than 35 colleges that are unique and have different ages, from hundreds of years old, to the youngest more than half a century old. Some social events held at college such as watching movies together, sports together, barbecue parties, and dinner together.


Induction divided into induction for foreign students, induction in majors, and induction in college. Students also just come and listen to the presentation related to the campus environment from the college manager and department. There is absolutely no task or work that needs to be done and only focus on the essential things. In this activity we are truly treated according to what we really need.

Freshers fair

Again, because the University of Oxford emphasizes the balance between academic life and social life, a fresher fair or an open house for student organizations is highly recommended for all students from the undergraduate to doctoral levels.

Welcoming dinner

To welcome new students, all students will take part in dinner activities along with college advisers in their respective college dining halls. The point is, having dinner while talking together. However, here everyone present was asked to use a “smart” dress code or formal dress using a shirt and suit and academic gown.

Academic gown is like the robe that Harry Potter wears, but at the University of Oxford this robe is used in various formal activities along with white toga and bow tie. Maybe it can be imagined, like when the welcoming dinner at Hogwarts, all Hogwarts students received very much food and there were several seniors who accompanied them.


As a new member of the University of Oxford, new students will experience the matriculation event. In Oxford, the matriculation was in the form of ceremonies with all students using white shirts in suits and black pants, black shoes, toga and black robes with white bow ties.

All students enter the building called the Sheldonian Theater to attend a kind of new student reception ceremony. This ceremony was delivered in Latin and has been done for hundreds of years.

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