What Does the Moon Orbiting the Earth Cause?

By | Saturday, July 13, 2019 2:20

Many people may not realize how important the Moon to us as human being on Earth. The moon is not just a large rock in the sky that we observe every night. But, what is the exact functions of the moon for human?

According to EarthSky.org, evidence from the fossil record clearly shows that all life on Earth starts from the ocean. At some stage, plants and living things begin to adapt to life on land. From the earliest land life, they have all evolved.

The key question is, how can the earliest life forms leave the water environment and adapt to living on land? It is almost certain that the Moon plays a vital role in this transition.

What Does the Moon Orbiting the Earth Cause?

Sea waves

Because of its proximity to Earth, the Moon causes a strong gravitational effects on Earth. It is this gravitational effects that causes the oceans to ebb and flow – also causing tidal waves.

The effect of tidal waves is most visible on the coastline. Twice every day, the surface of the water rises and then recedes again. Every time the sea recedes, many plants and animal organisms are stranded on the beach or attached to the rocks at seashore.

The stranded organisms must adapt to live outside their water environment. Finally, when many organisms have managed to adapt to spend all their time outside the sea, they finally can life on terrestrial environment.

Without the presence of the Moon, tidal waves will hardly occur so there will be fewer opportunities for sea creatures to adapt to the terrestrial environment. Indeed, it is possible for them to life on land without tidal waves, but it is not possible to happen as quickly (relatively) such when there is a Moon.

Climate Changes

The moon also seems to affect Earth’s climate. Moon’s gravity has an effect that has slowed the Earth’s rotation so far. If the Earth’s rotation is faster, it will feel shorter every day.

Now, shorter days will cause the temperature on Earth to drop dramatically because the Sun has little time to warm up the Earth. The fall in Earth’s temperature will have a bad impact. Not only will we be cold, but it will also have a major impact on food production.

Calendar System

The other function of the Moon is as the initial marker of the calendar based on the movement of the Moon, one of them is the Hijri calendar (Arabic calendar). On this calendar, the beginning of the month is determined by when the Moon reaches the new Moon phase, can only be observed or through calculation.

Without the Moon, the determination of the beginning of the Hijri calendar may be difficult, or perhaps there will never be a Hijri calendar, which is only the Christian calendar based on the movement of the Earth around the Sun.

Well, that’s some function of the Moon that surrounds our Earth. A celestial things actually does not always provide direct benefits to our lives, but that does not mean they have no benefit at all.

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