Why do we Like to Compare Ourselves to Others on Social Media?

By | Tuesday, July 9, 2019 5:01

Everyone must have compared themselves to the other persons. In fact, this comparative culture has grown since childhood in the family sphere. For the example, some parents may unconsciously compare their children with others.

Over time, envy and the inability to control oneself make these bad habits continue to grow and develop.

Yes, comparing yourself with others is indeed endless. Moreover, when social media now makes it easier for us to access various information about people who are known to the unknown at all.

So, why do we always have the desire to compare ourselves with others? How do you get rid of this bad habit?

Women often compare themselves to others on social media

On the Internet, billboards, in magazines, on television, up to the grocery store, there are many adverts displaying beautiful models with perfect body shape and beautiful faces. Not infrequently this makes many people, especially women, not confident and feel inferior.

For women, exposure to images that show the elegance of the faces of the models indirectly can lead to feelings of inferiority, depression, anxiety, to behavioral changes that were never expected before.

Although most women know that the standard of beauty of the models in various media is not realistic, it does not stop them from continuing to compare themselves with others.

A new study by researchers from the University of Syndey, Macquarie University, and UNSW Austria found that regardless of how much time women spend watching TV, music videos, and using the Internet, they will more often compare their appearance with the photos on magazine or social media.

In fact, social media is often used as a venue for self-comparison, especially by those young women.
So, what’s the cause?

Actually, the simplest reason why we often compare ourselves to others is because we are looking for certainty that we are better than others.

Finding recognition for your own abilities is what makes you continue to compare yourself with others. In addition, feelings that have never been enough for what has been achieved and achieved so far make many people often compare themselves with others.

In psychological terms, this condition is referred to as social comparison.

Social comparison is the tendency of a person to feel good and bad based on their own comparison with others.

Unfortunately, not everyone can deal wisely. Instead of getting a reason to improve themselves, this actually makes many people become depressed and frustrated.

Because most people just continue to compare themselves with others without trying and introspection. Well, this is what makes people finally trapped.

Stop comparing yourself with others!

You really need someone who inspires and encourages you to do things better.

However, if you “peek” at someone else’s life it actually makes you jealous, frustrated, or even feel not good enough, this is a sign that you should stop comparing yourself.

Try to look back at yourself and identify the real truth. Instead of focusing on other people’s strengths, you better improve yourself more.

That way, you will appreciate and be grateful for what you have now.

If this is still very difficult to do, consider reducing the habit of using social media. The trick is to schedule a time in your day to check social media. Outside of these hours, don’t open your social media.

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